Mickleover Model Railway Group



Data Protection


1. Introduction

Mickleover Model Railway Group (MMRG) will comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation 2018. This Policy sets out how that will be achieved and who within the organisation will be responsible for ensuring compliance.

This policy is applicable to all Members of MMRG.

2. Definitions

"MMRG" refers to the Mickleover Model Railway Group. When referring to customers, it may also refer to its sister company, MMRG Exclusives, formed to process the MMRG Limited Edition models.

"Members" means all of the following classes of membership:

  • Adult members
  • Family members
  • Life and Honorary Members

"Customer" means any individual who has registered for an MMRG limited edition product.

3. The type of data collected

MMRG may collect the following data:

Club Members and Customers
  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Postal Address
  • Telephone Number (landline and/or mobile)
  • Email address
Club members only
  • Club night attendance records
  • Subscription fees paid
Customers only
  • Product order information

4. Storage of data

Member and Customer data may be stored in the following locations. This is only accessible to select individuals.

  • Digitally: on the MMRG website in the UK.
  • Digitally: In a secure section of the Google Cloud. See Google's Data Protection page.
  • Digitally: On Mailchimp's servers to enable communication via email. See Mailchimp website.
  • Digitally: An offline backup copy in case of emergencies.
  • Hard copy: A record of memberships may be printed and kept in a secure location.
  • Hard copy: In the case of paper forms, we may keep the forms for reference purposes in a secure location.
  • Hard copy: In the case of limited edition order forms on paper, we may keep the forms for reference purposes in a secure location. These will be destroyed upon completion of individual transactions or order runs, whichever is sooner.

5. Use of Data

Membership data

MMRG uses the collected membership data to administer the organisation.

In addition, the e-mail addresses of the Members are used to circulate notices of events deemed to be of interest to the members. These circulated notices include events directly involving the MMRG and events organised by others.

Customer Data

MMRG uses the collected customer data to process the sale of its range of limited edition models, as follows:

  • Contacting customers in order to keep them informed about the progress of the products.
  • Contacting customers to confirm details of their order.
  • Contacting customers to arrange payment.
  • Shipping the products to customers once payment has been made.

6. Sharing of data outside of MMRG

Data is only shared with the organisations and services outlined in section 4. MMRG does not share data with any other organisation or any person not a member of MMRG without obtaining agreement in each individual case unless we are required to by law.

7. Sharing of data within MMRG

Member Data

A membership list listing all data collected is circulated to all members for information and for use in MMRG related issues.

Customer Data

Customer data will be accessible to only those who are involved in the sale of limited edition models.

8. Deletion of Data

Member Data

All data in respect of a Member will be deleted when a Member resigns or their membership is terminated under the MMRG rules.

Customer Data

Customers may request their data be deleted at any time. In this case, any outstanding orders will be cancelled.

Customers will have the choice of deleting their data once their orders have been processed, or for selected information to be retained in the case of future product notifications.

MMRG will use best endeavours to ensure data is removed from all email lists and all other live records held by MMRG and its members.

10. Ensuring Data Accuracy

It is the responsibility of the Member or Customer to ensure that they advise MMRG promptly of any changes to the data held by MMRG.

11. Data Requests

If you wish to know what details we hold about you, please contact us via the email address on the Contact Us page.